Slimfit Combo 1.0


Weight management is more achievable with the help of Kapiva Slimfit Combo 1.0. This combo contains the goodness of two herbal, Ayurvedic juices namely, Kapiva Aloe + Garcinia Juice and Kapiva Get Slim Juice. While the former is made from the pulp of Rajasthan’s organically grown Aloe Vera leaves and fresh fruit of Garcinia Indica, the latter is made from the extract of Flax seeds and Castor. Rejuvenate yourself and make your body feel lighter by consuming this Ayurvedic Combo of juices every day!



  • Aloe + Garcinia Juice in this combo aids digestion by facilitating increased metabolism.
  • Aloe + Garcinia Juice also helps you lose belly fat.
  • Get Slim Juice is responsible for suppressing appetite and its regular consumption can help you limit your cravings.
  • Get Slim Juice is also your guide to burn stubborn and unwanted fats.


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